{ Reality Sculptor }

{ Reality

:the quality or state of being real.
:something that is real.
:the aggregate of real things.
:the actual nature or constitution of something.
:the actual state of things.
:what actually exists.


:actually existing, occuring, or present in fact.
:that which is fundamental, intrinsic, and ultimate.
:authentic, genuine.
:that which is exactly as it's name implies.

Sculptor }

:one that sculpts or produces works of sculpture.

sculpture (n)

:the act, process, or art of carving, cutting, hewing, molding, welding, or constructing materials insto statues, ornaments, or figures.
:work produced by sculpture.

sculpture (v)

:to form an image or representation or object with chisle or other tool from wood, stone, metal, or other material.

{ Reality Sculpting }

Reality is the sum, the aggregate, of the universe, which is all time and space. Susuki Roshi says reality is "Things as it is."
This includes every atom in the present moment, and the forces acting on, between, and around them.
Reality includes all the emergent properties of these objects and forces.
Reality includes each of our conciousnesses, with their own perceptions of what reality is (necessarily limited and partial [how could a subset hold the whole set?]).
In each moment, actions arise; reality sculpting itself. [Do you hear that? The background hum? That is the cosmic Om, the universe singing itself into being.]
We sculpt our internal realities with the attention we pay, the thoughts, emotions, concepts that arise.
We sculpt our external realities by arranging objects, interacting with other entities, stacking cash, washing dishes, flipping bits.
Our external realities sculpt us.
We are each a part of reality sculpting itself, each moment of every second of every minute of every day of every lifetime.
How fucking awesome is that?
I, for now, am thrilled.
Let's get truffling.

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