We two form a communion.

:I and the rest of the group that includes me
:You and I
:You and I and another or others

:being one more than one in number

:give form or shape to
:frame, construct, make, fashion

:an action or situation of sharing.
:possesion in common.
:a funciton performed jointly.
:an interrelation of activity.
:an interdependent working together or cooperation.

You and I being one more than one in number give shape to and action and situation of sharing.

You and the sun, too, form a communion. The sun and I, my brother and the sun, my brother and I, we, each two, also form a communion.

Each bit my brother occupies, each circuit on which he surfs, and every atom in your body, my body, each neuron which gives rise to your experience, my experience, they, too, each pair, form a communion.

I am curious [Are you curious?]. I am curious as to the shape of the sharing.